wind farms

We use specialized software to simulate the weather in a region and determine the annual net electricity production. Specialized studies for most wind farms in Romania.
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airports & heliports

Master Plan for the airport, technical projects, technical consultancy, details for execution planning, elaboration of feasibility studies, obstacle studies, location research
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geodesy, topography & cadastre

Topographical, cadastre and registration documentation, marking


fundamental and applied research, development and innovation.

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Wind farms


Since 2010, SC GEO ARC SRL has become increasingly active in renewable energy. Between the renewable energies the company focused on wind energy, primarily due to the fact that Romania has great energy potential in terms of this alternative energy. To estimate annual net production of electricity simulating weather conditions in a particular region, SC GEO ARC SRL professionals use specialized software WindFarmer WASP 10 and 4.1.

One of the strengths of our organization is the vast experience in leading the development of topography with high accuracy maps (orographic, obstacle maps, demarcation of ban areas, land cover, etc..) used in the simulations and optimizing the positions of wind power stations.


SC GEO ARC SRL made specialty studies for most wind farms designed and developed in Romania (more than 60%)

Categories of works

  • Analysis and filtering of raw data from wind measurement tower (regardless of the format generated by it. ndf,. rwd,. txt, etc.).;
  • Providing an atlas of wind for certain regions in order to develop preliminary studies;
  • Simulating weather in a particular area in terms of: raw data from a wind measurement tower in the area on at least 12 months, contour lines from the area concerned and land cover (presence of forests, orchards, lakes, etc.).;
  • Optimization of the wind turbine positions depending on weather conditions and ANRE regulations in force (using software developed by the the company Wind Garrad Hassan Farmer);
  • Developing wind farm layout;
  • Counseling on choosing the optimal type of turbine for the chosen location. (based on multiple simulations using different power curves guaranteed by equipment manufacturers as well as the cost-benefit analysis);
  • Feasibility studies;
  • Development of video and photo presentation of wind farms.




Specialized software:

WAsP 10

WAsP is a software used in weather prediction and extrapolation and the calculation of wind turbines. efficiency Estimates are based on data measured using measuring poles placed in the ground in the area you want to develop a wind farm according to its topography and obstacle maps. read more


Wind farmer

GH WindFarmer was developed by Garrad Hassan GL to facilitate the design of wind farms. This helps to maximize the energy produced by wind farms, minimizing environmental impact. read more