wind farms

We use specialized software to simulate the weather in a region and determine the annual net electricity production. Specialized studies for most wind farms in Romania.
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airports & heliports

Master Plan for the airport, technical projects, technical consultancy, details for execution planning, elaboration of feasibility studies, obstacle studies, location research
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geodesy, topography & cadastre

Topographical, cadastre and registration documentation, marking


fundamental and applied research, development and innovation.

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Geodesy, topography and Cadastre


SC GEO ARC LTD carries out ​​planimetric and altimetric support networks needed for various jobs, such as:

  • precise localization of certain details in the field;
  • carrying out feasibility studies;
  • photogrammetric landmark;
  • development of maps and plans;
  • development of longitudinal and transversal profiles;
  • implementation or localization of utility networks;
  • production of digital terrain or surface model;
  • computation of volumes.

Depending on the precision required for each type of job in hand, we are using the following measuring instruments:

  • GPS receivers (Trimble 5700, Trimble R6)
  • RTK systems (Trimble)
  • total stations (Leica TCR 407 Power, Trimble 3305);
  • levels (Leica Sprinter).



SC GEO ARC SRL carries out magnetic declination determinations using the Bartinghton magnetometer.



SC GEO ARC SRL conducted the following types of work:

Topographic lifting

  • Topographical plans necessary for the design of dykes, dams, simulation flooding of adjacent areas;
  • Technical documentation expressed in WGS-84 system required to obtain advice from AACR for objectives (construction, planning, activity, etc.). to be made ​​in areas of aviation servitudes;
  • Topographical works (specific for airport activity) required to achieve and / or update of aeronautical charts;
  • Topographical plans, general urban plans, documentation support of the general urban plans, the regional urban plans, the detailed urban plans;
  • Topographic plans necessary for Drawing up the documentation to authorize construction and demolition work,
  • Topographic documentation, according to GD nr.834/1991, as amended and supplemented;
  • Preparation of longitudinal and transverse profiles of lands, street grating etc..;
  • the calculations of excavation / filling volumes;
  • Situation plans required to obtain different approvals;
  • Parceling plans.

Cadastre and tabulation documentation

  • Technical documentation first registration buildings not listed in the land register,
  • Technical documentation for detachment / annexation,
  • Technical documentation for registering a new building in the land register;
  • Technical documentation on updating / adjustments of cadastre, property boundary changes and / or altering the surface estate;
  • Dismantling of the apartment buildings, boxes, garages and common parts ;
  • Documentation for final removal from the agricultural circuit of lands within or out of the built-up areas
  • The technical documentation necessary to obtain the OCPI technical approval of Urbanism Certificate / Building Permit Project (CAP), or obtain postal code;


  • Tracing and materialization of the field axes from conceptual project;
  • Property boundaries poling;
  • Tracing slope lines and quotas;
  • Verification of verticality, building movements and deformations;