wind farms

We use specialized software to simulate the weather in a region and determine the annual net electricity production. Specialized studies for most wind farms in Romania.
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airports & heliports

Master Plan for the airport, technical projects, technical consultancy, details for execution planning, elaboration of feasibility studies, obstacle studies, location research
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geodesy, topography & cadastre

Topographical, cadastre and registration documentation, marking


fundamental and applied research, development and innovation.

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Geodesy, topography and Cadastre


  • Topographical liftings for isolated housing, drainage channels, boundary blocks by vectorization after orthophotomaps and drafting the general plan using this information along with plot plans of the town of Otopeni.
  • Topographical elevations for environmental reconstruction of Neajlov Delta;
  • Topographical liftings for for achieving transverse and longitudinal profiles and 1:500 scale site plan for the following airports:
    • S.N. Bucharest-Baneasa International Airport;
    • Constanta International Airport;
    • Deva Airport;
    • Suceava Airport;
    • Bacău International Airport;
    • Arad International Airport;
    • Cluj-Napoca International Airport;
    • Oradea International Airport;
    • Târgu Mureş International Airport;
    • Braşov-Ghimbav International Airport;
    • Military Airfield Boboc.
  • Topographical - boarding-landing platform extension for:
    • Tulcea Airport;
    • Bacău International Airport;
    • Craiova International Airport;
    • Cluj-Napoca International Airport;
    • Military Airfield Boboc
  • Topographical liftings of street grating needed for engineering the investments in infrastructure (sewerage and water adduction) for communes and towns.:
    • Bran
    • Berceni;
    • Ghindeni;
    • Rojistea;
    • Malu Mare;
    • Miloşeşti.
  • Cadastral documentation for :
    • Mogoşoaia Palace;
    • Residential neighborhood Grand Residencia Otopeni, Str. Eroilor nr. 5, beneficiar : SC VITRA REAL ESTATE SRL;
    • Residential complex, Otopeni, Str. 23 August, Nr.79 A, beneficiar : SC SDK MANAGEMENT SRL;
    • Residential complex, Otopeni, Str. I.C. Bratianu nr.28, beneficiar : SC VENUS STONES SRL;
    • Over 8000 cadastral documentations.
  • Topographic plotting for:
    • civil and industrial constructions;
    • sludge plant in the city of Ianca, Brăila;
    • lamps of the Bucharest Baneasa International Airport lighting system;
    • marking platform of the Bucharest Baneasa International Airport .


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